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5 Fall High Point Market Design Trends

After returning from last week's trip to High Point for the fall market, I must admit I was completely exhausted and overwhelmed from all of the amazing showrooms, new designs and incredible talent that surrounded me. Since I have had a few days to process all of the gorgeousness (and get some sleep), I am left with 5 key elements that are highly on trend (but with great staying power) and were consistent across dozens and dozens of showrooms.

Bungalow 5

1. Color is in. Whether it be in large or small doses, striking bold colors such as hot pink and salmon are no longer considered "feminine" colors. These punchy beauties add great interest in living and dining spaces and combine well with so many other colors like blues, greens and browns. They add a lively element to all of the navy and dark walls that are trending. What's not to love!

2. Modern elements are everywhere. No longer is "modern" considered a world of its own, this sleek style has made its way into just about every design stye. Whether a space be traditional, rustic, country, boho chic, or country french, a few modern elements add a freshness to these looks and give the homeowner the simplicity desired while complimenting (not competing) with treasured rustic and antique pieces.

3. Wallpaper is back. Yes, I know some of you initially think of grandma's floral but today's wall coverings are truly a work of art. Large scale murals are a huge trend a perfect as a one wall commitment for those who are still a little skiddish. Large scale geometric patterns, metallic print and hand painted artistic designs are sure to liven up walls in a way that paint just can't do.


Worlds Away

4. Add a touch of rustic. In a world that has embraced the word "reclaimed" and the idea of repurposing vintage pieces, adding a rustic, antique or vintage element has become a staple in just about every design style. Whether it be a rustic porch swing or a vintage wall hanging, these elements are the perfect way to add a relaxed, collected look to a space.


5. Boho chic is headed upscale. This once viewed "thrifty" style is now understood as the style or piece that adds a fun, ehnic and whimsical vibe that says "I am cool" without trying. Like your favorite pair of skinny jeans, boho chic style says comfort and laid back. My favorite piece from Market was the jellyfish stools, poufs (love Surya's) and fun wall hangings (like the new Justina Blakenly line for Selemat).

So whatever your style, these are some great trends to consider when updating your space.



Worlds Away

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