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Large Scale Art for Impact

There is nothing more impactful and memorable than large scale art pieces. On trend for 2018, creative mega pieces can add interest to otherwise bland rooms and draw guests in for great conversation. Art pieces can be expensive or they can be creatively done on a budget.

I thought I would share this art I created for our last house after purchasing one VERY large vintage frame at an auction. I had no issues with the bidding process since no one else there wanted it (covered in dust and cobwebs). I new immediately where its home would be...the long blank wall in my dining room that was dying for something unique! I was off to the store for a few supplies and created the base with chalkboard paint. I am pretty sure my husband thought I had lost my mind when he came home to a big black square painted on the wall. As always, I assured him I had a plan and it would look fabulous. Truth be told, I wasn't sure what I was writing on the chalk paint, but knew I would figure it out. After contemplating a few ideas, I landed on my musical background and love of singing. Add in a pair of French style candle sconces and the wall was transformed. When we sold the house, the new owners purchased the entire room, so I think they liked it and I love that!

The black candles (not white) were the perfect finishing touch. Since the holidays are fast approaching, thought I would share this shot from the table setting (more on that later).



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