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Michelle Durpetti, C.I.D,  has a lifelong passion for discovering and uncovering the fullest potential of all things in life, whether that means people, homes or vintage finds.  Growing up in the South, Michelle developed great appreciation for both beautiful and relaxed atmospheres that evoke great Southern hospitality.  With extensive experience and education in music, psychology and design, she understands her clients needs and delivers quality finished product.  Michelle has a keen eye and is known for her ability to create warm, inviting spaces in any color palette.   Michelle’s love of design and the people she works with is evident in her unique style and commitment from start to finish in every project.  



Favorite combinations:

Mixing antique and vintage pieces with new modern elements.  I love to incorporate homeowners momentos and heirloom pieces in new ways that give a freshness to the space.


It is always evolving.  I love to change things up often.  I love the clean lines of modern and the rich character and patina of antique and vintage items.  The mix of the two is so rich.


I meet with each client and carefully tune into their design needs and style. 

Each space should illustrate my clients personality,  be highly functional and, of course, beautiful.  I am an avid DIYer myself and love to give new life to old pieces by refinishing, reupholstering or flat out reinventing the function of an item.


I try to live each day and create environments where my clients feel they are truly able to enjoy their homes to their fullest potential.






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