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New Artisans to DI HOME

Large Cascade Green Egg

It has been a goal of mine to add elements to DI HOME from favorite artisans around the US. I have always been somewhat obssessed with handmade pottery and pretty much anything turquoise. So when I discovered these amazing sleek beauties, I was drawn to them like a dog hunting a chipmunk (a daily struggle at our house). Artist Joshua Gillespie meticulously creates each piece by hand in his Branson, MO studio. Of course I have been styling them all over the place since the first shipment arrived and find that they look great just about anywhere. I have filled them with feathers, air plants, branches and left them empty, all of which look great. If you are looking for a unique, earthy pop of color, these beauties have it all. They are available in three sizes and two finishes.

Above, small patina green egg with a few air plants keeping company:).

Below, Cascade Green eggs join on the mantle and stop the show with natural wood and fall foliage.. Hope you enjoy, thanks for stopping by:).

Happy Fall!! Cheers,


#eggs #turquoisepottery #JoshuaGillespie #pottery #eggpottery #durpettiinteriors #homedecor #bluepottery

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