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5 Simple and Elegant Fall Centerpieces

This time of year many of us will be hosting some sort of gathering in celebration of friends, family and all that is fall. There is only so much time to prepare and I always find myself setting the table then realizing there is a large hole in the middle of the table (eek!). I quick run around the house looking for something to throw in the middle that will not fall into anyone's food, make people hold their plate on their laps or cause whiplash from leaning just to see the person across the table. So here are a few EASY centerpieces to keep all of us sane (at least until family arrives) this feast loving season:).

1. Fresh Fruit. Head to to fridge or grocery and fill a nice bowl for a nice edible arrangement. My favorites are pears, apples and artichokes, they have great color and last about a week. Throw in a little greens from the yard like the photo below from Mod Weddings.

2. Natural Elements. There are still many beautiful branches and drying blooms perfect for dressing up the table. Hydrangeas and white pumpkins are my favorite! Image Country Living.

3. Bowl shortage? Many of us actually USE these pieces for entertaining and can't serve without them. I love to use outdoor planters for my centerpiece base. No, not the ones I have been using outside silly, we do not need earthworms crawling on Aunt Helen:). I have a few I only use for inside the house. This time of year they are a steal as all the stores are clearing out outdoor items. I love them because they are larger, longer and often have a great patina with casual style. This is a favorite piece that was a gift from mom:).

4. Head to the hardware store. Copper is IN and there are lots of copper fittings that are perfect for holding golden wheat and napkins at very little cost. Love this setting via

5. Last but not least, two things that are staples for most of us, coffee beans and candles. Simple white votives with coffee beans makes a nice earthy setting and the aroma is sure to keep grandma from nodding off before dessert:). Image Pinterest.

Here's hoping for a low stress fall season that is filled with lots of feasting with a very pretty table centerpiece.

For more fall entertaining ideas, follow my Pinterest board.



Vintage mix tablescape via House Beautiful.

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