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Decorating on a Budget

Growing up, my mother taught me to be very resourceful. We didn't have lots of money, so I was forced to learn to be creative with what I had, something I am very thankful for. From the age of about 11, I was decorating my room using pretty scarves as wall hangings or table covers and rearranging my furniture for a new floor plan. My parents always dragged us to antique stores and tours of historic homes which I never remember hating, I remember thinking these were "special" places/things to be respected and admired. Today, I try to continue that mind set as I drag my family to flea markets, antique stores and estate sales in search of the diamond in the rough that needs to be rescued:). I think after many years of providing therapy and functioning in an intangible world, the idea of seeing my work in the form of a finished product is very rewarding.

Above: chairs purchased at a Macy's tag sale, pillows, Home Goods, bistro table from a local antiques store & drapes from World Market (and needed NO hemming-I SWEAR!).

In putting my love of design together with my resourcefulness, here are a few tips on how to create an great look without breaking the bank.

1. Materials do matter. When shopping at flea markets and antiques shops, furniture stores or anywhere, look for solid wood pieces with good bones and solid materials such as marble, brass and sterling. A bad piece of upholstery can really send you running, but if the piece has great craftmanship and a great price, the rest can be changed. It will last you decades longer than that big box piece made of particle board and staples.

2. Keep it simple. When putting together elements of a room, there is a common tendency to OVER accessorize. Keep out a few pieces that work in the room and store the rest for a bit. I inevitably find a new home for favorite pieces in another space that I end up liking better anyway:). Remember, less IS more.

3. Add a little sparkle and shine. Every room needs a little sparkle! Metallics are everywhere and a great way to add a little glamour. These platinum silk pillows add a refined kind of shine:).

4. You can never go wrong with black and white. If you are having a hard time choosing colors, black and white (and shades of grey) is a classic color scheme. Other colors can easily be added or changed later.

5. Use white candles. For a quick and easy way to add elegance to a room, go for a grouping of white pillar candles in varying sizes. Home Goods is a great place to shop for nice inexpensive candles. Afraid of the flames?

I love all the faux options that will flicker for hours via a battery:).

So no matter what your style, great design doesn't have to break the bank to shine like a diamond:).



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