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Coming Soon to DI HOME

This past spring marked three years, THREE YEARS!!!, since the beginning of Durpetti Interiors. The season also began the opening of my online shop, DI HOME. I have had (and still do, at this point) a shop on Etsy for so many of the antique and vintage pieces that I am always collecting. DI HOME has been a great addition for me to add elements of my favorite textiles, custom pillows and now, artisan and handmade items that I love. One of the new additions coming very soon is a gorgeous collection of handmade pottery egg vases. Handmade in Branson, MO, the vases will be available in two colors and three sizes.

I adore birds and things inspired by nature, so when I saw this beauty there was no question that I would be bringing it home. The piece reminds me of these delicate baby robin eggs I spotted in my backyard just a few months ago. Nature is so amazing. LOVE!!

So stay tuned, the eggs are on their way and should be available in the shop within a few weeks!



P.S. If you are looking for a gorgeous design book with beautiful pics and great laughs, the book under the egg, Elements of Style, by Erin Gates, is awesome!

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