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Art Deco Inspired

There are certain periods in history that will forever be classics in the interior design and architecture world. Art Deco has been a source of inspiration for me in many ways and continues to influence today's design trends.

The Art Deco movement was a celebration of the roaring 20's with focus on clean lines, luxurious materials and refined modernism so many desire today.

"The iconic movement made an indelible mark on all fields of design throughout the 1920s and ’30s, celebrating society’s growing industrialization with refined elegance and stunning craftsmanship" says Greg Cerio, Edward Lord and David Prentice, experts via 1st Dibs.

Some of my favorite Art Deco elements are...

1. Geometric shapes with clean lines. I am always adding this element to spaces for a nod to modernism. Just look at the Chrysler Building in New York.

Chrysler building N.Y.

2. Cool color palettes with metallics. My favorite is the neutrals with a splash of pink.

3. Luxurious textiles and materials. Pink velvet and ebony wood comes to mind, along with striking marbles and metallic finishes. There are some great, inexpensive options out there.

For more on the history of this movement and drool worthy antiques, check out 1st Dibs and the Introspective magazine.

Follow my Art Deco Inspired Pinterest board for colorful and amazing inspiration from around the web.

Just as fashion tends to repeat itself in evolving forms, so does architecture and design. I am working on a project right now with many Art Deco elements. Can't wait to share when it's complete!



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