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3 Ways to add Modern Shades of Red, White & Blue

The Memorial Day holiday kicks off summer activities and many celebrations. Although I am a loyal fan of our flag and its colors, when it comes to home decor, I find myself drawn to vibrant shades that give off a more modern feel. Being that my favorite color in the world is turquoise, of course that is my go to shade (Rustoleum makes a gorgeous option called deep turquoise). As far as shades of red, hues that have a rust or orange pair beautifully. Here are a few quick and easy ways to add punches of color:

1. Books are easy and inexpensive ways to add color without a long term commitment (it's like your going on a first date). Try to go with a stack of matching color of at least 3-5 for impact. Skim the isles of resale shops, thrift stores and local libraries.

2. Pillows & throws are quick ways to update a space and will get you through a season or more (think of it as a summer fling). Ideally, pick a solid, large and small scale pattern for an interesting look. I prefer a mix of new and vintage materials like this hand block printed piece for a collected look. 3. Accent chairs are wonderful ways to liven up a room. Kitchens, office spaces, living rooms or even a bathroom are all great areas to dial up the color and say "I love this color" (ie. dating has gone well, you are in a relationship:) with an punchy accent chair.

No matter what your level of commitment, give some color a try. Celebrate Memorial Day, summer and the great outdoors by adding these punchy hues which signify excitement and confidence! Cheers:).

Wakefield Chair
Vintage Red Books

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