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Local Architectural Inspiration

Last weekend, while enjoying some much needed down time hanging with my mom, I had the

opportunity to play local tourist in my own suburban territory. It was a great opportunity to sit back and take in some of the local architecture with a fresh pair of eyes. One of the oldest homes in the area, Patton House, was our first stop for lunch (and the world's best Bloody Mary with home made tomato juice). This Federal Revival style home was built in 1857 and has been completely refurbished to highlight the high ceilings, fireplaces and floor to ceiling windows. The New Orleans inspired cuisine left me feeling close to my Southern roots (I highly recommend the jambalya and cajun shrimp & grits).

Afterwards, a stroll through the local forest preserve led to the Fabayan Windmill. Hard to believe this amazing structure was MOVED to this location in the early 1900's. How is that even possible?! Said to be the best example of a Dutch windmill in the US, this amazing structure is one of the few in the world restored to run from natural wind and energy.

Right across the river is the Fabyan Villa, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and the Japanese Tea Garden. Although they weren't yet open for the season, we will be back for another visit as we have enjoyed their beauty many times in the past.

These local landmarks got me to thinking, what other inspiring and amazing scenery have I taken for granted? Mental note: be a tourist in my own community again soon:).

The day would not have been complete without a stop at the All Chocolate Kitchen to pick up mouthwatering treats! Gazing at the life size ALL CHOCOLATE sculpture of Eddie Olczyk gave me a new appreciation for food as art:). How much chocolate was involved?? 650 pounds! Wow! Go Hawks!!

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