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Make An Entrance: adding interest to the foyer

JANUARY 22, 2013




Now that the holidays are over and spring has not yet sprung, what to do with the foyer?  The most visible area in the house, our foyer table gives a hint to every visitor of what lies beyond and can speak a language all its own.   Casual, colorful, elegant, and warm are all words I hear clients say they wish to obtain when describing their desires for entry spaces.  Unfortunately, we often forget to really decorate the foyer since it is a pass through area or a door that only the "company" uses.  There are great ways to really spruce up the foyer and add interest by simply reworking what you have.

















                                                            Casual and charming entry


1. Mirrors-fancy, simple, bold or gold, adding mirrors to the foyer is a wonderful way to immediately brighten and expand even the smallest and darkest of spaces.

2. Books-stacks of interesting books are inexpensive ways to add color and can give decorative objects just the right height.

3. Flowers-whether fresh or exquisite artificial, even the smallest selection of floral decor says "welcome".

4. Baskets-Whether small or large, baskets and trays are great ways to add texture and often offer easy ways to contain keys, mail and other take home items that tend to end up as clutter.

5. Sculptural interest-Don't be afraid to bring in an interesting sculptural piece (the element of unexpected) to be the finishing touch! Varying shapes and heights of objects helps the foyer table go from boring to interesting in a flash!



















                                                            Elegant and Warm Entry


No matter what your style, take a few moments and add a bit of your own personality to your foyer!  Make an entrance that can deliver a great first impression for all who enter!  Bienvenidos





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