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A Well Appointed Boudoir (Bedroom)

MAY 27, 2013



I have had many clients in need of upgrading their sleeping spaces over the past few months.  Today's homeowner, whether female or male, longs for a relaxing and cozy bedroom atmosphere where they can unwind and feel peaceful.  As I completed bedroom number four last week, I realized several key elements that all of them had in common.
















                                                                          Soothing color palette


First,  a soft color palette, creams, grays, blues, all come in dozens of soothing shades.

Second, create layers, layering bedding and pillows sets the stage for a welcoming and more interesting space.

















                                                                                Layered in texture



Third, windows, custom window coverings add such softness and take the bedroom from ordinary to fabulous.  No matter if they are drapes, shades or valances, the power of these babies to transform a room should never be underestimated.















             Custom Window Treatments



Finally, every bedroom needs a bit a glam (bling, sparkle).  I always equate this to the little black dress that needs just the right jewelry to finish it off! My personal favorite are these antique mirrored tables from Currey and Co. 

















                                                                   Currey & Co. mirrored bedside table


So, as the French would say "bonne nuit, ma belle" ("goodnight beautiful).



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